My work is helping storytellers to grab senses and stir souls.


I use sounds, scores and songs like magicians use spells.


...passion, creativity, insightfulness, eloquence and wit...
— Thomas Marzano - Global Head of Brand Experience - Philips
...philosophical coolness, effortless genius...
— David Angelo - Founder & CCO - David + Goliath
...next level...
— - Mark Zibert - Film Director - Imperial Woodpecker

My name is Tommy Zee.

I travel the globe to deliver remarkable songs, scores and sounds to world's finest film directors, agencies and brands including Nike, Audi, Google, BMW, Heineken and many more. My work has been recognized by the industry through various awards including Cannes Lions, D+AD, One Show and many more.

I am the founder of Hologram Sound + Magic - an international family of remarkable artists who I handpick and direct for each commercial project. Prior to launching Hologram, I was Creative Director at MassiveMusic Amsterdam.

I believe that remarkable work comes from remarkable humans. And this is why, after a decade of delivering music on two different continents, I have always and will always surround myself with the best musicians in the world.

We might not always follow the brief and we won't be the cheapest option - but we will always strive to craft what is rare and remarkable. 

Most of my work is made with and for people whose company I enjoy. Folks that care about me and I care about them. Makers who appreciate the fact that long term relationships between collaborators make for better work. Like minded, sensitive souls who want to realize their talent not to chase trends, but to create timeless work. Not to chase cool but to craft classics.

I tend not to join frantic, fear fuelled pitches or try to win the admiration of strangers who call me "a supplier"...there's plenty of others willing to join that race to the bottom. The problem with races to the bottom is that you might win. 

And lastly...

As a maker and mover of humans, I feel I have a responsibility not just to entertain but to elevate our audience. To feed them the good, the true and the beautiful. To create the kind of work we can show our grandkids.

That's the only legacy worth the hustle.

Everything else is bullshit. And I don't like bullshit.